Call the sacred in to your daily life.

Connect to feelings of peace and well-being.

Cultivate the sanctuary of your home and workplace.

“Viewing your artwork is like climbing into heaven and getting a big, deep breath.”
— Sam, Artist

These energies infuse my artwork and transmit as loving prayers into the spaces they grace.

Hanging them in your home or workplace can provide:

  • a positive and harmonious presence

  • a visual focus for your meditation practice

  • a symbol to support personal and spiritual growth

  • an altar piece to transmit and connect to sacred space

  • a portal to visionary states of consciousness and prayer

Browse my gallery of original artwork below and feel what resonates. I am happy to offer originals, archival quality prints, greeting cards, and commissions.  Please contact me with your interest



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Join me in my art studio for a sacred creative journey. We will open the session in meditation and follow with your personal prayer, then surf the currents of creativity together, allowing each moment to guide us in presence. I will be your co-navigator as we drop through layers of tension into a surrendered state of grace and creative flow. What emerges in your artwork and your life may surprise you... 


The creative process is a sacred and immensely effective way to release tension accrued in attempting to control life and relax into the flow. The mind becomes quiet, the body alive. New modes of perceiving open up and a magical mystery tour unfolds. Surprises, delight, healing, and learning abound...

When we relax the body, heart, and awareness, we become open to receive transmissions of all kinds- color, energy, form, movement, guidance, messages... Our intuition gets tuned in the act of listening and bridging to the canvas. 

The finished artworks carry the resonance and energy of this process into the spaces in which they live.  


May the great stream of infinite creativity and love touch you in meaningful ways...