Slow down.

Call in your scattered energies.

Let tension, overwhelm, and stress dissolve

and the stream of well-being flow through you.

I offer people deep support, tender care, and skillful guidance in finding the slow in any given moment and prioritizing well-being as a centerpiece of their full lives.

Working in reverent partnership with the wisdom of their body, heart, and Higher Self we find guidance, healing, and growing freedom that touches and transforms their lives and through them, the world.

“Lisa works in a sensitive, organic, nourishing way to bring deep contact with one’s own presence and healing.”

“Beyond just the physical plane, Lisa’s work hooks into the mysterious and beneficial healing energy of nature.”

“Thank you for the tender and safe space in our opening session…”

It is my honor to enter this flow with you...

It is my honor to enter this flow with you...