Slow down.

Call in your scattered energies.

Let tension, overwhelm, and stress

dissolve in the stream of well-being.

Here, freedom lives

and soul-inspired knowing, healing & solutions

await you…

Learn how to masterfully access this stream.

Work with me and let the great integration of your body, heart, and Higher Self guide, heal, and serve your life, and through you, the world.

“You are lucky to have found Lisa! She works in a sensitive, organic, nourishing way to bring deep contact with one’s own presence and healing through her gentle, nuanced, and powerfully responsive nature. She works with touch, words, nature, and love to facilitate deep growth and deeper healing. The time we spent together continues to resonate deeply. It formed a healing bridge to a deeply wounded place, and allowed me to bring forward my own architecture of support as I move out into the world. Lisa’s very presence is healing, and her intuitive sense and loving soul bring peace and joy.”
— Britt, Educator