Your body is a treasure trove of wisdom

Through which you can find freedom in limitation

Openness in constraint 

Well-being in the challenges life brings you...

Physical pain, emotional trauma, limiting beliefs, childhood and ancestral wounds, chronic illness or matter the circumstances, these are all portals to powerful healing, learning, and transformation. 

When you go with rather than against, come closer rather than resist, respond rather that react, freedom can be yours with breathtaking beauty, efficiency, and grace. 

Couple this with the dynamic partnership of your pure awareness, awakened somatic intelligence, and genuine interest and you have a vehicle that will take you there in the most direct way I know.

You can master this partnership and reap surprising and life-changing rewards.

As your witness, wise guide, and co-navigator, I support you to:

  • find comfort & ease in your body
  • navigate challenges with more ease and grace
  • self-soothe & regulate your overstimulated nervous system
  • transmute pain and discomfort
  • shift from reactive to responsive and more choiceful in the face of whatever comes your way
  • renew your connection to the earth
  • unravel emotional and/or physical triggers, reducing their impact
  • transform patterns that have you out of balance, overwhelmed, or otherwise not fully enjoying the gift of your life
  • supercharge your body's natural self-corrective capacity for healing, well-being, and rejuvenation
  • strengthen your intuitive access to your inner healer, teacher, and guides
  • welcome & integrate more of your authentic self into your precious everyday life
  • deepen intimacy, compassion, appreciation, and connection with all parts of yourself, with others, and with life itself
  • master profoundly effective self-care
  • become a living sanctuary space able to heal, relax, renew, and re-source your life from the inside out...
  • be an ever-increasingly safe, grounded, and peaceful space for yourself, your loved ones, your community, and the planet

Transform your life from the inside out...

The body is our entry point. It guides the way to the integrated well-being that is your birthright. 


I offer my steadfast presence, skillful guidance, and intuitive support in service of your greatest well-being.

During this 3 or 6-month transformative journey tailored to you, we will weave embodied mindfulness practices, co-presencing, energy work, gentle yoga and movement, and more, depending on your needs and interest.

Coaching series includes:

  • Bi-weekly sessions in person or via phone or Skype
  • Email and/or text support between sessions to support and deepen your integration
  • One monthly "Peace Where You Are" 20 minute spot coaching phone session to help apply learning and mastery to real-life, real-time emotional or physical triggers, pain, or stress
  • One monthly recorded meditation customized to support your life
  • A series of personalized wisdom cards with potent messages extracted from your unique journey to integrate into your daily life

This is a co-creative process that draws on the wisdom, wholeness, and well-being already existing within you.