shelter from the storm:                                                                     a day-long personal retreat

Whether in crisis, major life transition or just the stress and overwhelm of life's busy-ness, this 4-hour personalized retreat gently but surely welcomes you deeply home to the center of your being, restoring an empowered sense of relaxation, support, flow, clarity and ease. A blend of Somatic Learning, embodied mindfulness practices, energy and gentle body work.

In person Marin County, CA. $375.

Maybe we make it too complicated in life by bracing and holding back. Maybe if we stopped and gave ourselves this space and compassion our lives would be less complicated. It’s exhausting all the efforting.
— Maureen, retreat participant

SOME BENEFITS YOU MAY RECEIVE FROM                                 SHELTER FROM THE STORM:                                                                        A DAY-LONG PERSONAL RETREAT

  • Find relief and renewal
  • Enjoy an openness in the system that allows for natural, effortless creative participation in what's been challenging you.
  • Experience true rest and spaciousness 
  • Regain a connection to ground and your true north