You can learn to navigate the challenges of your life with ease and grace

and use them as initiations into greater and greater well-being, transformation, and healing

so you can offer the fullness of yourself and your gifts to your family, your partner, your community, your work, the world…

On this life-changing mentorship journey of mastery you will learn to:

  • Recognize life challenges as portals to growth and healing and walk through them with increasing ease

  • Love and honor your body, heart, and soul and the sacred truths they tell.

  • Transmute pain, anxiety, and discomfort in an instant

  • Strengthen your connection to your inner healer, teacher, and guide

  • Shift out of patterns of reactivity

  • Supercharge your natural capacity for pleasure, connection, well-being, and renewal

  • Enjoy deeper rest and relaxation

  • Experience greater intimacy in all your relationships

  • Get out of the mode of having to “fix” anything.

  • Welcome & integrate more of your authentic self into your life

  • Settle your overstimulated nervous system at will

  • Renew your connection to the Earth

  • Share your gifts and shine your light more brightly!

Transform your world from the inside out...


* Individual sessions available in person in Nevada City or via phone or Skype. Minimum of 3 sessions recommended for lasting benefit.

* 3, 6, or 9-month mentorship programs include:

  • Two or four 60-minute sessions per month

  • Email &/or text support between sessions to help deepen your integration

  • Monthly "Calm-in-the-Storm" 20-minute spot coaching session for real-life triggers in real-time (with options for more in times of great challenge)

  • Monthly personalized recorded meditation to support your unfolding learning, healing, and evolution

  • Personalized wisdom card deck to help you integrate potent messages that emerge from your sessions

This is a co-creative process that draws out and celebrates the wisdom, wholeness, and well-being already existing within you.

Working in reverent partnership with the wisdom of their body, heart, and Higher Self we find guidance, healing, and growing freedom that touches and transforms your life and through you, the world.

Contact Lisa for more information or to get started