Art as prayer.

Art as sacred medicine and healing force.

Art as teacher and guide.

Art as spiritual activator.

Art to enliven and inspire…

Multi-dimensional totems designed and dedicated to support your sacred life journey

Whether as a beacon of healing for someone challenged with serious illness, a commemorative connection to a departed loved one, a herald for personal transformation, or a celebration of life, each Soul Sanctuary Medicine Painting is created in an intuitive process directly invoking powerful, supportive energies and incorporating imagery, symbols, intentions, and colors selected by the individual for whom it is designed.

A Soul Sanctuary Medicine Painting in your home, office, or healing facility provides:

  • a presence of comfort, peace, and well-being

  • an call to meditate, pray, and ground

  • an energetic invitation to hold positive visions of healing or transformation

  • a visual focus to help magnify intentions and magnetize resources, people, opportunities, and circumstances that support the journey

  • a beacon of light and loving encouragement

  • a meaningful homage and connection to departed loved ones

  • a high vibration portal through which to welcome multidimensional wisdom, guidance, inspiration, and healing energy

  • a visual blessing for your life

“Lisa’s artistry is a portal to the universal energy and healing beauty of the divine feminine consciousness.”
— Carol, Life Coach

Soul Sanctuary Medicine Painting commissions can be initiated by individuals going through challenge or transformation, or anyone who loves them and wants to support them in this unique way. 



prior commissions:

“This painting is a door to the cosmos where everything is possible.”
— Anne-Marie, Relative of "Heaven's Door" Recipient


"Emergence" 2018

"Emergence" 2018

Though this is not a commission, "Emergence" is a symbolic representation of the personal journey that brought me to offer Soul Sanctuary Medicine Paintings commissions today...

Twenty years ago, I battled for my life against a recurring infection that resulted in the loss of my ability to naturally conceive a child. I went through a deep grieving process and as part of my recovery, I was drawn to create art.

This powerful initiation launched me on a path of self-discovery and growth as a woman, artist, and healer.

On the canvas beneath what is now "Emergence" was a painting birthed at that time, called “Under Water”. A murky scene in shades of green was the backdrop to collaged Buddhist imagery and a repeating orange shape that traversed the canvas in a curved line. It intuitively unfolded and seemed to represent my healing journey, one step at a time, and my then-blossoming connection to spirituality.

Fast forward to 2017 and I was connecting deeply with Divine Feminine energies and principals. My daily life was becoming an integrative practice of experiencing myself and the world with growing light and compassion.

One day in meditation I was guided to paint Green Tara, Bodhisattva of compassion who liberates us from negative emotions and beliefs that keep us from being truly free, for our own benefit and the benefit all beings.

I intuitively pulled “Under Water” from storage and over this earlier work I painted an outline of Green Tara sitting on her lotus throne. I designated each petal of the throne to represent one of the Eight Great Fears she conquers: ignorance, attachment, hatred, arrogance, jealously, miserliness, doubt, and projections as I was actively learning to conquer these through my meditations, awareness, and loving self-embrace.

I hung the painting in my studio in this unfinished state, and as I transformed over the next year, so did the energy of the old painting. During that time, I felt a strong pull to create works of art that transmitted healing and peace. I established a practice beginning each new work at my altar and invoking beneficial energies to guide and infuse the creative process. At my easel I painted prayers and blessings on the canvases, often covering them with layers of paint or paper. Though not visible, their energy was felt.

Recently, I pulled the Green Tara painting from the wall with the intention of completing it for a gallery. I sat with it at my altar, and then as I began painting, Green Tara quickly morphed into White Tara, Boddhisatva of health, healing, wisdom, and longevity. I made sure to leave traces of “Under Water” peeking through to honor the integration of that early experience that was such an important part of shaping my life.

May this work, the creative process, and my life be of benefit to all beings.

~ Lisa Chipkin