flow Mentoring

Offer Your Authentic, Renewed, Empowered Self To The World.

Every. Day. 

“The work I’ve done with Lisa has been profound. She facilitates me slowing down, dropping into my body, and making space to listen for the answers that are always right there inside of me. She has a very clean energy and holds a really loving space to embrace whatever’s coming up without judgment. I also appreciate that Lisa actively models practicing what she teaches in every aspect of her life.”
— Kris, Mill Valley

Learn to master your gain immediate access to relaxing and grounding your body, dissolving inner tension, anxiety, and pain, and drawing on your inner wisdom to guide, support, and heal you as you flow through life…

In a mentorship series, I guide you to exercise presence deep within the body, and the capacity to listen and respond as it speaks to you through sensation, feeling, intuition. In mastering this, you naturally cultivate the ability to care for yourself AS you move through the day to day of your life, no matter what is occurring. In this way, your own stream of well-being grows and ripples out into the world… You'll learn to ~

  • Slow down and tune in to what's happening inside you
  • Trust your feelings and circumstances as guidance for your life
  • Transform self-sabotaging patterns into healthy, life-affirming ones
  • Draw daily on the integrated intelligences of your body, heart, intuition, and mind
  • Expand your capacity to remain peaceful and grounded in the face of challenges
  • Experience new levels of flow, ease, and connection in all areas of your life
  • Show up in the world more empowered, authentic, creative, and effective
  • And more...

This is a co-creative process that absolutely draws on the wisdom, wholeness, and well-being already existing within you. I wholeheartedly offer my skills and love in service of your most empowered development...

I delight in working with women who are ready to move into more flow and ease from places of struggle or transition. 

Three or six month mentorship series available for deep and lasting transformation. Sessions may occur in person in Nevada City, or Marin County, California and/or via phone or Skype.

I would love to meet you in a complementary 15 minute dialogue to see if this is a fit for you.


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At the foundation of my work with clients is Somatic Learning, which weaves embodied awareness, somatic, meditative and psychological disciplines to bring about transformative change, healing and renewal. Inherent in the work is also the Divine Feminine, which offers through me infinite tools to facilitate freedom and flow no matter what is occurring in one's life. 


In the Flow Mentorship also offers you a sanctuary to -

  • Transform your relationship with fear and shame without having to fix anything

  • Tune your overstimulated nervous system to states of calm and ease

  • Love and honor your body and heart and the sacred truths they tell

  • Transmute anxiety, struggle, and depression

  • Enjoy greater intimacy in all of your relationships

  • Share your gifts more directly, shine your light more brightly, enjoy effortlessly living life in the flow!