Embodied Freedom Coaching

I'm a freedom-loving girl. This has been a guiding light on my dance through life. But it doesn't mean I've always been free. No, I've been caught, snagged, and hooked like everyone else, and I continued to seek freedom out in the world and deep in myself. Valuable lessons, opportunities, wisdom, and tools came my way. As I dove deeper and deeper beneath the layers of my own conditioning, stories, patterns and beliefs, I began to see how these were often limiting my freedom, and how they lived in my body, held in the tissues and cells in the form of tension. And then I began to experience the ever-available freedom existing at the very core of my being as the very essence of who I am.

I love facilitating people to uncover and experience this freedom in themselves, from the most subtle inner awareness, to a softening of the body, to a larger action taken in the world. Big or small, for a moment or sustained, freedom is always life-changing.

In the coaching work I do with people, we chart our course to freedom through the territories of the body and the heart. We meet the fullness and range of feelings, sensations, and experiences here let them be our guides. Almost immediately, an enlivening, in-the-body sense of freedom opens up. Tension dissolves. Revelatory insights arise. Shackles fall away. Deeper truths emerge. Inner guidance speaks. Transformative healing occurs. And as it does, it spreads out and touches the lives of the people around us. It touches the world.


I gently yet powerfully champion you to ride the current of who you are becoming as your truest essence. I guide you to recognize and dissolve with love the layers of conditioned behaviors, thoughts, resistances, and beliefs that limit you, and release calcified ideas of who you are supposed to be in the world - as a mother, a woman, a daughter, an entrepreneur, etc. It aligns you and sets you on course with your true North in ways that will sustain and nourish you for the rest of your life.    

From beneath the layers emerges the most beautiful, sacred and powerful freedom, the most beautiful, sacred, empowered you. Your true essence, your authentic voice, and your greatest potential. Far beyond what you could have imagined were you to perpetuate your conditioning and habits of resistance.

Great gifts await you, in all areas of your life and being.

[In Embodied Freedom Coaching, Lisa Chipkin gently yet powerfully champions you to embody your truest essence: Freedom. She walks with you on a transformative journey as you recognize and dissolve layers of resistance, conditioned behaviors, thoughts, and beliefs that limit you, and release calcified ideas of who you are supposed to be in the world. She co-navigates with you to align with your True North in ways that will sustain and nourish you for the rest of your life.]

[Struggling to embrace what you're feeling is part of being human. The beauty is that whatever you're resisting is really a red flag waving. It is life calling your attention to some part of yourself that has been neglected and needs our unconditional love and tender kindness. And there's never any better moment for this than the one you're in.]

[When you move toward your feelings instead of away, you unlock their inherent and mystical gifts. You engage an unmistakable opportunity to dive deeper into a co-creative dialogue with life, surrender your grip, tell more of your truth, align more in your life, grow, heal, and transform in ways you might not have imagined or had the energy for otherwise. You embody the essence at the core of who you are: You embody freedom.]

You can keep recreating the same, or you can interrupt your patterns, give birth to a whole new way of being in the world, and create your Heaven on Earth.

Embody Freedom Coaching Series is a sanctuary for you to ~

  • Release conditioning, patterns of tension and beliefs that limit your vitality & enjoyment of life
  • Learn to gracefully navigate your resistance to unconditional love
  • Let go of control and ideas of having to "do it all alone"
  • Embrace your feelings and experience as a Divine map to soaring freedom
  • Ground into your direct connection with the Earth
  • Reprogram and regulate your nervous system to favor states of ease and joy over stress and overwhelm
  • Embody unconditional self-love, self-acceptance, and self-care
  • Develop and tune your intuition to receive guidance meant just for you
  • Unearth the gifts and opportunities for transformative healing within every circumstance, feeling, and experience, even the most challenging ones
  • Expand your capacity to live with inner peace, relaxation, and aliveness
  • Deepen the intimacy in all of your relationships
  • Rest in your center of your life, trusting where the current takes you and fluidly responding as it unfolds
  • Align with your highest potential and bring forth what’s most important for you
  • Learn how to love, honor, and celebrate the holy temples of your body and your heart
  • Show up in your life and relationships already well-loved, well-cared for, happy, and whole
  • Share your gifts more directly, shine your light more brightly, unfurl your wings, and fly!



Embody Freedom Coaching is offered as a 3- or 6-month series, in person in the San Francisco Bay Area or Nevada City, CA area, or via phone or Skype.

Embody Freedom Coaching may include:

Somatic Learning, embodied awareness practices, nervous system reprogramming, energy work, hands-on healing, prayer, blessings, and invocations, gentle, grounding movement and breath work, Scaravelli Yoga (gentle yoga of Un-Doing), Co-Presencing Dialogue, deep attunement and interaction with the natural elements, transmissions and conversations with your Angels, Guides, and Higher Self, soothing inner still point listening, ceremony, supported rest, emotional empowerment, intuitive art-making and/or writing, and more.