“You are lucky to have found Lisa! She works in a sensitive, organic, nourishing way to bring deep contact with one’s own presence and healing through her gentle, nuanced, and powerfully responsive nature. Lisa works with touch, words, nature, and love to facilitate deep growth and deeper healing. I worked with her out in nature, at the beautiful Yuba river, and the time we spent together continues to resonate deeply. It formed a healing bridge to a deeply wounded place, and allowed me to bring forward my own architecture of support as I move out into the world. Lisa’s very presence is healing, and her intuitive sense and loving soul bring peace and joy.”
— Britt, Educator
“Lisa’s work is profound. When I am in her presence I immediately feel supported to relax deeper into my own sense of ground and being. I feel accepted, seen and heard. I feel her authentic embodiment, and therefore I feel inspired and able to cultivate that myself. And there is an unconditional love and acceptance that comes through her. It is a real honor to know her, and feel the depth of presence that she offers.”
— Naia, Singer-Songrwriter
“Lisa is very intuitive, and connects with my body in a personal manner vs. one size fits all, since everyone holds their pain and tension in different ways. My body feels heard by her, which helps me connect with it more. She guides me to tune in, become aware of where my tension lies, and with awareness, release it. By the end of a session, I feel that my body is the core that supports my brain, not the other way around, and I know I want to treat it well.”
— David, Building Contractor
“My work with Lisa Chipkin has been healing and insightful. She has a deep grace and loving presence.”
— Shari, Artist
“If I start out with any anxiety or am feeling really tense, by the end of our session, I don’t have a care in the world! Lisa really knows how to help me return to feeling great!”
— Lois, Retiree
“I realize how far I have come in the six months of working with Lisa. This process I’m in changes everything. My life is shaped more and more by an inner immediacy, by the excitement of life itself, mine and the whole universe, by self-expression, and by rivers of present energy.”
— Moreva, Retired Educator
“Lisa has a spacious and welcoming way of guiding me to ground myself in presence. She has a gift of being able to stay present in the face of intensity, like a buoy, reminding me where home is. Working with her, I feel a safe haven where I can connect to and find an inner peace that allows me to fully participate in this expression of life. Besides all that, she is a joyful, fluid, compassionate, soulful being.”
— Esther, Leadership Coach
“I came to Lisa with a lot of pain due to a crisis with a tooth. She helped me open up in a remarkable way to a healing energy which I realized was the universal flow. I actually felt the whole right side of my face, which had been contracted in pain, expand and open to this powerful flow. The pain lifted during the session, and that night I slept well and woke with no pain.”
— Peggy, Nurse Practitioner
“Lisa has the intuitive ability to ‘read’ a body and heal it with her touch. She facilitates integration, allowing the body to first let go of stress, then reconnect internally to a unified whole. This level of work is beyond just the physical plane and hooks into the world of nature and its mysterious and beneficial healing energy. Lisa taps into this energy, enabling you to experience this connection.”
— Kim, Educator
“Thank you for the tender and safe space...”
— -Michael, Solar Software Designer
“The work I’ve done with Lisa has been profound. She facilitates me slowing down, dropping into my body, and making space to listen for the answers that are always right there inside of me. She has a very clean energy and holds a really loving space to embrace whatever’s coming up without judgment. I also appreciate that she actively models practicing what she teaches in every aspect of her life.”
— Kris, Artist & Writer
“The variety and number of tools I’ve received and the way we worked through them together helped me to integrate these lessons into my daily life right away. This is so precious, so valuable in dealing with the unexpected effects of MS.

Integrating the mind-body connection in this practice allows me to recognize and address the physical struggles of MS without stacking on emotional distress. This is huge for me and puts the control back into my hands.”
— Jennifer, Lawyer
“Lisa has the wonderful ability to articulate ways of perceiving with new awareness. She does so in a manner that is all at once effective and delightful. I found her work very deeply affecting in the intended direction of the teaching, but also in a way that surprised me as to just how profoundly it shifted my awareness of myself.”
— Michael, Painting Contractor
“After having a shoulder procedure I was in extreme pain. Lisa came to my house and worked with me in the pool. With the help of her guided visualization and healing hands, I was able to relax and my pain diminished greatly. Lisa is a healer beyond compare.”
— Anne, Realtor
“Lisa’s centered compassion helps me access deeper states of being and peace. I am inspired by the depth of her healing.”
— Demian, Yoga Teacher