From the microcosm of our personal lives to the macrocosm of planetary issues we all face,

We are being called upon to respond in new ways that foster peace and understanding.

In moments of intense emotional or physical triggering, stress, or pain, I guide you with compassion to drop beneath the story of your circumstances into your body and diffuse the intensity on the spot. In very little time, your fight, flight, or freeze response transforms to a grounded, resourced inner stability. 

Each opportunity life provides for you to practice this builds resilience in your nervous system, empowering you to resource yourself, restore your inner peace, and release the tension that can otherwise get caught in the body and heart. 

Instead of repeating patterns that have habitually led you into conflict and trauma, pave the way for more life-affirming responses that directly improve the quality and depth of your communication and relationships with others, and sustain your health and well-being.

How will your mastery of your inner turmoil impact your relationships? Your community? The world?

Calm-in-the-Storm Spot Coaching Sessions occur via phone or Skype on an as-needed basis to weave mastery into your every day life. Sessions run 20 to 30 minutes.

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“I came to Lisa with a lot of pain due to a crisis with a tooth. She helped me open up in a remarkable way to a healing energy which I realized was the universal flow. I actually felt the whole right side of my face, which had been contracted in pain, expand and open to this powerful flow. The pain lifted during the session, and that night I slept well and woke with no pain.”
— Peggy , Mill Valley