In my younger adult life as a performing artist, production manager, teacher, and activist I experienced recurring burn out. I survived a life-threatening illness. I struggled in a very emotionally trying eight-year marriage I eventually left.

All of this forced me to slow down and pay attention to my life, my body, and my heart in new ways.

Each challenge became a portal through which I began to discover the crucial need to find places of true rest inside myself, tune into and take loving care of my body, regulate my overstimulated nervous system, listen and trust my heart as a guide for my life.

On an infinitely unfolding path of life-changing growth, study, and practice, I have found myself loosening my (perceived) control on life, allowing it to become my greatest teacher and vehicle for healing and growth.

My body, an early target of my neglect and disdain, has become my most trusted and beloved ally, and the conduit for direct dialogue with my intuition, my Higher Self, and Source. 

My relationships have become cauldrons for healing, growing, and allowing more love in my life.

Habits of pushing, pulling, resisting and hiding continue to melt away, revealing a simple, easeful, joyful stream of well-being and loving presence that is always available.

This is life in the flow.

It is with honor that I carry, express, and nurture this energy in the world.

And with joy that I support people in uniquely rich and intimate explorations to release resistance, remove blocks, and allow this flow to ripple into all areas of their life and through them, the world. I believe this is tremendously healing and timely medicine at this moment in the human story.


 * * * * * * * 

My lifelong interests in the arts and the creative process, mind-body connection and mindfulness, communication and relationship, movement and dance, nature and spiritual growth are playgrounds in which I continually probe and grow.

At the foundation of my work is Somatic Learning, which weaves embodied awareness, movement education, somatic, meditative and psychological disciplines to bring about transformative change, healing, and renewal, and support my clients’ sovereign expression in the world. Inherent in my work is also the Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness, which speaks and moves through me, offering infinite tools to facilitate flow, no matter what is arising in a session or in one's life. 

* * * * * * *

My work with clients integrates over twenty years of training, certification, and practice in:

  • Energy Healing and Massage

  • Writing and Teaching

  • Intuitive art making

  • Environmental activism

  • Design and production, and more...


I bow in deep and humble gratitude to all of my teachers and their lineages of teachers for the gifts and grace they have masterfully guided me to uncover in my life. Some of my greatest inspirations include the spiritual mastery and transmissions of Kaia Ra, Jody England, Jean Houston, Risa Kaparo, Matt Kahn, Padrinho Jonathan Goldman and Santo Daime, and Jeshua Ben Joseph via The Way of Mastery, as well as many unseen guides and angels.

May all beings be peaceful. May all beings be free. May all beings be happy.