I know about burnout. I’ve visited it many times. My early professional life was a perfect practice ground for me to exercise this cycle again and again. I was a passionate performing artist, theater and dance director and producer, teacher, and activist. I pushed too hard, overextended myself, blew past physical and emotional signals telling me to slow down, or even just catch my breath. Exhaustion and collapse would eventually force me to rest until I regained just enough energy to continue on as before.

It was at age 30, when a deadly infection landed me in a Bangkok hospital, and parts of my reproductive system were surgically removed to save my life that I finally understood I could no longer sustain this grind. Life and my body were conspiring to wake me up and make big changes.

Over a long, slow recovery period I had to learn to listen to my body and my energy in new ways. Each time I fell into the old pattern, I would land in bed exhausted and in pain.

I began to look at all the ways I pushed, denied, and berated myself- from the obvious physical exertion to the more subtle internal messages. I really didn’t like myself or my very able, capable body that didn’t match the dominant culture’s view of attractiveness. In fact, since my adolescence I had felt quite ashamed of it and therefore learned all kinds of compensatory strategies to make up for my perceived shortcomings. I was a people pleaser, a yes girl, and everybody’s best friend and confidante. I gave myself away for love, approval, and a sense of belonging.

I started the process of befriending all aspects of myself, and it wasn’t easy. There were deep conditioning and negative beliefs to wade through. I began to respect that rest, caring lovingly for my body, and regulating my overstimulated nervous system were just as important to my well-being and daily self-care as eating healthy food and flossing my teeth. I began to listen to my body and trust my heart as teachers and guides for my life on a on a continual path of healing and growth. I started to like myself.

I was led on a journey of study, practice, and growth. And over the years, I have learned to loosen my (perceived) control over life, and allow it to become my greatest teacher. My body has become my most trusted and beloved ally, and the conduit for direct intuitive connection with my Higher Self and Source. 

My relationships have become cauldrons for healing, growing, giving and allowing more love in my life.

Habits of pushing, pulling, resisting and hiding continue to melt away, revealing a simple, easeful, joyful stream of well-being that is always available. Stress and pain may appear from time to time, but I can move with them with more and more ease and they fade quickly away as I remain fully present with them.

This is life in the flow.

It is with joy and honor that I nurture this energy in the world, and support people to shed limiting conditioning, transform harmful habits, and live in ever-greater flow in all areas of their life.

I believe this is tremendously healing and timely medicine at this moment in the human story.


 * * * * * * * 

My lifelong interests in the arts and the creative process, embodied mindfulness, communication and relationship, movement and dance, nature and spiritual growth are playgrounds in which I continually play, probe, and grow.

At the foundation of my work is Somatic Learning, which weaves embodied awareness, movement education, somatic, meditative and psychological disciplines to bring about transformative change, healing, and renewal, and support my clients’ sovereign expression in the world. Inherent in my work is also the Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness, which speaks and moves through me, offering infinite tools to facilitate flow, no matter what is arising in a session or in one's life. 

* * * * * * *

My work with clients integrates over twenty years of training, certification, and practice in:

  • Energy Healing and Massage

  • Writing and Teaching

  • Intuitive art making

  • Environmental activism

  • Design and production, and more...


I bow in deep and humble gratitude to all of my teachers and their lineages of teachers for the gifts and grace they have masterfully guided me to uncover in my life. Some of my greatest inspirations include the spiritual mastery and transmissions of Kaia Ra, Jody England, Jean Houston, Risa Kaparo, Matt Kahn, Padrinho Jonathan Goldman and Santo Daime, and Jeshua Ben Joseph via The Way of Mastery, as well as many unseen guides and angels.

May all beings be peaceful. May all beings be free. May all beings be happy.